Ghostwriting: A lemon market?

Ghostwriting: A lemon market?

How to find reputable providers? How can their performance be assessed and compared?

“Writing Master Theses”, “Ghostwriting Now!”, “Satisfaction Guarantee!”, “Scientific Texts starting at 30 Euros the page!”, “Many Customers Are Delighted!” – that’s the promise of ghostwriting agencies. For customers – most of whom have no experience in dealing with ghostwriters – it is not possible to judge in advance, however, what quality the providers deliver. Unlike a notebook, whose price, storage capacity, and processor type can be compared to other models and can easily be verified by trade journals or online portals, ghostwriters’ clients do not know what they are getting into. The reasons:

  • Especially in scientific work, the quality can only be assessed after careful examination – based on extensive specialist knowledge.
  • A page price can indeed be specified exactly, but whether it is cheap or expensive, usually shows only when the quality (see point 1) was assessed: So would be 30 euros for a useful scientific text extremely cheap, for a makeshift Internet nonsense but a huge waste of money.

The fact is: parts of the ghostwriting market have degenerated into a classic “lemon market”: since buyers can only assess the prices, but not the quality in advance, and often select only on the basis of these prices their provider, a distortion of the market. The result: serious, high-quality providers who are priced above the cheap agencies, go through difficult times and are sometimes displaced: If no one is willing to pay higher prices, only low-cost providers can compete. The result: the average quality of services on the market continues to decline, customers are seeing this and their willingness to pay higher prices continues to decline.

If customers want to find a way out of the dilemma, they must carefully select the agencies and their ghostwriters. A telephone call helps to get a better picture. While higher prices certainly can not be a guarantee of quality, in most cases they are an indication that the supplier is serious about his obligation to deliver high-quality texts and, if there are any requests for improvement, is willing to be accommodating to act.